Introducing the Agrippa Acoustic Door Holder & Free-Swing Door Closer from Geofire

Using wire-free acoustic technology these two products provide a convenient and legitimate way of holding fire doors open whilst enabling them to close on activation of the fire alarm.

Acoustic Door Closer

A wire-free device to hold fire doors open - releasing them when the fire alarm is activated, using sound sensitive technology.
Installed at the top of the door to avoid imparting diagonal stresses and warping the door.

Wirefree technology
Fittted at the top of the door
12v alkaline battery powered (2 x C size batteries supplied)
Easy to fit
Colour: white

Free-Swing Door Closer

A wirefree hold open device which allows fire doors to be used like a normal door without having to struggle with the pressure of a conventional door closer.
As soon as it hears the sound of a fire alarm it will change its operating mode and close the door like a normal overhead door closer.

Overhead door closer
Heavy duty
Acoustically triggered, free swing, wire free
Adjustable closing and latching speed
Size: 2-4
Choice of 5 finishes