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Call Point Protective Covers

Call Point Protective Covers

Robustusty constructed hinged covers for the protection of call points, push buttons, switches. 

Apart from protecting your call points (and other equipment) from accidental damage these covers help prevent false alarms and malicious damage and abuse.

Significant Features

• Quick and easy to fit over a variety of equipment. Simply scews over using scews and rawlpugs

• Choice of range: different sixed models are available - compact low-profile, domed and large models

• Models with an integral battery powered sounder (to provide a further deterrent of abuse)

• Choice of fitting: flush and surface mount options depending on the nature of the equipment being covered

• A break seal is included to prevent casual lifting of the hinged cover

• All fixings are supplied.

• Customised labels with a choice of text are available on request.

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