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Thermostat Protective Covers

Thermostat Protective Covers
A range of robust clear hinged covers designed to protect thermostats from accidental or malicious damage and to prevent tampering with the temperature settings. 

Fitting these will save you £'s!
Available in 3 sizes - small, medium and large.
Fitting is quick and simple. The cover simply screws to the wall over the thermostat using the 4 screws and rawlplugs supplied.

•  Protection against damage, tampering and abuse to Thermostats without affecting normal operation.

•  Holes in the frame to allow air circulation.

•  Moulded from clear, heavy duty polycarbonate. 

•  Quick and easy installation. Includes all fixings.

•  Locks: supplied with key locks (as below) -

Small cover (STP1) fitted with frangible lock & slotted key.

Medium/Large covers (STP2/STP4) fitted with key locks (+ 2 cut keys).

Internal Dimensions:

Small Cover (STP1) 100mm (max) (w) x 100mm (max) (h) x 35mm (max) (d)

Medium Cover (STP2) 140mm (w) x 127mm (h) x 76mm (max) (d)

Large Cover (STP4) 216mm (w) x 157mm (h) x 92mm (max) (d)