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Door Open Too Long Alarm (DorWatcher) (Battery) (DWA1)

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  • DorWatcher door open too long alarm (DWA1) is an innovative and versatile battery powered alarm designed to prevent doors being left open too long.

    DorWatcher is a highly effective warning alarm which can be used on many doors - such as kitchen doors in hotels, pubs and student accommodation where the door needs to be kept closed - for example, to prevent smoke and fumes drifting to other areas of a building and setting off fire alarms. Ref: DWA1 (DW304).

    - When the door is opened the LED flashes.
    - If the door is left open for longer than the preset time (adjustable - see below) the unit will chime.
    - If the door is left open for a further 20 seconds the unit sounds its full alarm tone.
    - If the alarm is allowed to sound for 2 minutes the unit reduces the alarm to a tone every 30 seconds, until the door is closed.
    * Adjustable timings from 30 seconds to 7 minutes.

    Suitable for many other applications in offices, public buildings and manufacturing environments.

    Main Features
    The alarm is activated if the door is left open for more than 60 seconds.
    The alarm is automatically reset when the door is closed.

    Battery Powered (6 x AA batteries - supplied). (12vdc & mains powered versions are available).
    Made from robust ABS plastic.
    Loud 105db sounder.
    Adjustable time delays (30 seconds to 7 minutes).
    Surface mounting door contact with 1 metre of pre-connected cable.
    Audible battery fault monitor.
    Protective wire cage available (DWAC1).
    Dimensions 175mm (w) x 125mm (h) x 60mm (d) (max).

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Quick Overview

DorWatcher - Battery powered version
Battery fault indicator
Includes 6 x AA batteries, contacts, all fixings, & instructions

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