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Break Glass Bolt

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  1. Break Glass Bolt (BOLT1)

    Break Glass Panic Bolt (BOLT1)

    Panic door bolt with breakable ceramic (or glass) tube
    For single doors
    Includes: hammer & chain, ceramic tube, door sign, fixings & instructions
    Brass padlocks available
    Choice of additional tubes

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    £32.95 (ex-VAT) As low as: £29.90
  2. Redlam Bolt MK2 (BGB2)

    Break Glass Panic Bolt (Two Way) (BOLT2)

    Break glass door bolt (two way access version)
    Two way access version
    For single doors
    Includes: bolt assembly, extension bar & knob (optional use for 2 way access), hammer & chain, ceramic tube, 2 x door signs, fixings & instructions
    Optional brass padlocks
    Choice of additional tubes (ceramic or glass)

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    £34.95 (ex-VAT)