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Remote Sounder (EXA5)

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  • The Remote Sounder is an accessory to the Exit Alarm (EXA1). This is a great way to be alerted to an emergency exit door being opened when you are not in close proximity to the protected door.

    How it works
    The Remote Sounder is linked to the alarm unit (EXA1) using 2-core bell wire which is installed on the door to be protected. If the protected door is opened, the alarm emits an ear piercing alarm, which will also trigger the Remote Sounder .
    A variety of alarm duration and automatic reset features are available on the alarm unit, and the Remote Sounder will mimic the setting on the main unit. A key operated override facility will silence the alarm and Remote Sounder and will allow authorised exits.
    The Remote Sounder is fitted with a 9V PP3 alkaline battery.

    Alerts you to unauthorised use of emergency doors.
    Mimics the main Exit Stopper settings which has 32 user programmable features.
    Powered by one 9V PP3 alkaline battery (included).
    Robust polycarbonate housing.
    Quick and easy to fit.
    Cover is UV-stabilized.
    Compact design. Dimensions: 136mm diameter x 50mm deep.

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Remote sounder

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